Guide for this error..

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Hi guice,

I have designed a php search page..When I entered the search term

it shows me the follwing error..

Warning: fopen(files/admin.jpg) [function.fopen]: failed to open
stream: Permission denied in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\
\httpdocs\search result.php on line 206
file error

Somebody told me that the file must be allowed to read by server
Pls Guide me..Thanks in advance..

Imai from Sky

Re: Guide for this error.. wrote:
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That was good advice.
PHP cannot open a file because the user that runs PHP doesn't have the  
right permissions on that file.

1) Find out who runs as PHP
- probably IUSR_<machinename> on IIS/Windows.
- probably nobody, or apache, or www-data on Apache/*nix

2) Give read and/or write permission for this user on the file in question.

Erwin Moller

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Re: Guide for this error..

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the error is clear. you need to set permissions on your  
vhosts\\httpdocs\ directory such that apache has at  
least read permissions. i assume you're running apache here. if iis, you  
need to set that directory up as a virtual web server. google how to do  

on another note, you need to watch your nomanclature. though php will handle  
backslashed paths, it is easier to write them without error using forward  
slashes...i.e. c:/inetput/vhosts/

also, more problems will arise for not only you, but your end users if you  
place spaces in your script names, i.e. 'search result.php'. bad, bad, bad  
idea. i won't get into that much more here other than to state it as such -  
a bad idea.  

Re: Guide for this error..


I m using Apache web server..with plesk control panell.. I have
checked the preference..all are checked to read and also write too.
Thanks ...

Re: Guide for this error..

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it's NOTHING to do with plesk or anything else. you have to tell your  
*operating system* that it is ok for *apache* to access the directory.  

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