Google Custom Search Engine

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I created a Google Custom Search Engine for searching on:

  "Software / Compilers / Optimization"

This is basically a regular full Google search giving preference to
technical sites such as IEEE, ACM, citeseer, the Universities,
news-group (this one included), commercial sites such as Intel,
Microsoft, HP, Sun, IBM, and others. The search results are further
biased towards software development, programming languages, and
optimizing compilers

The results are indeed much more specific than the regular Google
search. Try ity out! Additionally, if you are interested, please send
me an email and you can contribute to this search engine and add sites
you believe should be given preference to. Over time, it should become
better and better...

I "donated" a no-nonsense URL:

Check it out - and let me know what you think (no rants, please)!

-- Robert Hundt HP

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