GMP functions didn't free memory

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  I'm using gmp library to perform a function which uses a few
operations with large integer values. My script runs in console mode
(at least four hours of processing), scanning a big mysql table and
invoking the function to calculate big integer values that are stored
in the table.

  But, in case the table has a lot of rows to process, the script halt
with 'out of memory' error. Studying the problem I realized that GMP
functions didn't free memory and continue allocate memory in every
function pass. There is no gmp_free() in php manual.

  Is there any workaround to avoid the problem?

  Thank you,

Sebastián Araya
Numisys S.A.

Re: GMP functions didn't free memory

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You could always unset the variable after you are done with it.  This
should have the garbage collector come through and fix that issue.

It's pretty much like reading a csv file... You should only read the
data in parts and process it in parts.

Also you should be able to modify the extension to add in gmp_free() if
it is an open source project.  It is really not to hard.  Zend has a
great tutorial on this.


Re: GMP functions didn't free memory


  thanks for your answer. I have tested it with unset(), but it doesn't
free the resource...

  I have maked some changes in portage source (I'm using Linux Gentoo),
verifying that _php_gmp_free() was declared but never used in
ext/gmp/gmp.c... sadly, right now, I'm running out of time to make
myself the write of the prototype function which wraps _php_gmp_free()
and test it.

  I'm posting as a bug in php (#33249), and reducing the record
processing to a half in order to "chunk" the problem and find a


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