Getting name of new of view from MySQL 5.0+

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We are using MySQL 5.0+ because it now supports views.  However it
appears that the PHP's(4.3) mysql_field_table() is returning a
temporary name table name rather than the actual table (view) name.

For instance we have a view defined as "open_meeetings_view", yet when
we do a mysql_field_table() the name retrieved is "#sql_7a3a_1".  The
same call correctly retrieves all static tables and even aliases

It does not appear that PHP has the ability to dig any deeper (maybe in
PHP 5.0?), but does anyone know how to query MySQL for this information
directly?  A "show tables" does show the view names correctly.  So we
just need a way to correlate the temporary table "#sql_7a3a_1" back to
the real view name "open_meeetings_view".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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