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Before I go on a mad quest to try to code some pages, I think it's
probably prutent to ask something. If I were to pass a php page either
an ftp or http address of an image file (assuming it had a username and
password coded in), would I be able to make it go and get that file and
save it in a folder local to that page?

Re: getting files over ftp/http wrote:
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As far as I understand your question, perfectly.
Look into fopen(). (Check wether allow_url_fopen is enabled in your
settings), or look at the PHP FTP functions:

Rik Wasmus

Re: getting files over ftp/http

Rik wrote:
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Try using file_get_contents  works alot better when it comes to opening  
URLS since the stream might be caught off when using fopen.

Concerning if you can download the image straight from a URL  

#1.  What you can do is hit the page
#2.  Remove all references (image paths) from the page
#3.  Open up the images individually using imagefromjpg($path)   <-- ?
#4   Save the stream that the imagefromjpg returns as a jpg file. :-)

Armando Padilla

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