getting file info using COM

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I am trying to get file information using COM but I do not get all of the
info using the code below.

$shell = new COM("Shell.Application") or die("COM Shell   Application
$myfolder= $shell->Namespace(0);
$fileinfo= $myfolder->ParseName("C:\test.wma");
for ($i=0; $i<33; $i++) {
    echo $i.") ".$myfolder->GetDetailsOf("",$i).":

I found this snippet in the newsgroups but it only returns the first 7
fields of info.
I also read that IShellFolder2 has superceded GetDetailsOf  but have not
found any references on how to use this in PHP.

I am trying to extract the info for wma files to get data similar to ID_3
tags in mp3 files.

I would appreciate it if someone could make an alternate suggestion on how
to do this or offer some info on how to get it working using COM.



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