Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

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  Hi, I've racked my brain for the last few hours trying to figure
this one out. I have an array of language strings such as :

$lang = array();
$lang['en']['prompt']['hello'] = 'hello';
$lang['en']['prompt']['bye'] = 'goodbye';
$lang['en']['number']['first'] = '1st';

  This is being used by an ajax routine, so I don't know which string
will be requested at runtime. So, I've got $lang and a request
('en_prompt_hello'), and tried a few things such as:

$request = explode ($request);
$found_string = array_intersect_assoc ($lang, $request);

to no avail. Short of having to do a complicated recursion searching
at every available depth, is there an easy way to do this?


Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

On May 24, 11:20 pm, wrote:
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OK, if you split your $request variable so it becomes an array of
consecutive keys that lead deep into the array $lang, then you can try
something like this:

$elem =& $lang;
foreach ( $request as &$key )
    $elem =& $elem[$key];

// your $elem now is the value (haven't tried it though, but it should
be ok)

Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys? wrote:
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Personally i would create unique keys for every of you language strings  
like but you can also access values in deep nested arrays:

$request = "en_prompt_bye";
$lang = array("en" => array("prompt" => array("bye" => "Bye User!")));

$arr = explode("_", $request); //explode request to array
echo $lang[$arr[0]][$arr[1]][$arr[2]]; // get the value

Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

At Thu, 24 May 2007 14:20:36 -0700, rbutlerjr let his monkeys type:

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list ($lng,$opt,$str) = explode ($request, $delimiter);
$output = (!empty ($lang[$lng][$opt][$str])) ? $lang[$lng][$opt][$str] :
'Invalid Request';

Something like that?

Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

On May 24, 5:20 pm, wrote:
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Can I just ask your logic behind having such robust multidimensional
arrays? I am sure there is some reason but you could always just go:
$lang['en_prompt_hello'] = 'hello';


echo $lang[$request]; //hello

Unless you have a specific use for the way you set up your array why
do it. It's just hard to get a jist of why you constructed your arrays
in this manner from seeing a snippet of your code.

Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

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Re: Getting deep array value without knowing keys?

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