getting data for duplicate keys in $_POST

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Hi there,

I'm trying to process a form that I got from a JSP generated page.  
Basically,  want to take out and process some of the data, and redirect the  
rest to a JSP page that will handle the rest. All works well, i traverse  
$_POST, writeout hidden input fields and autosubmit the form with a little  
javascript, a perfectly acceptable solution for our users.

However, the data the JSP page sends contains one certain input with the  
same name a couple of times. Due to complicated reasons, I cannot change  
that name into a PHP-style array. PHP, however, throws all the values of  
those fields away except for the last one.

Is there any way to retreive data from inputs with duplicate names? I know  
that with GET, I could just parse the query string myself, but sadly i need  
to use $_POST (the thing I'm processing in PHP is a file upload). I have no  
way of changing the input names themselves (and see no alternative other  
than pulling a lot of ugly javascript hacks in the JSP page to fake it all).

Thanks in advance,


Re: getting data for duplicate keys in $_POST

Raw post data. $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA or php://input

Re: getting data for duplicate keys in $_POST

Egbert Teeselink wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Write those out as


The [] causes the values to be stored in the array, i.e.


If you can't change the html being written, then I agree with ambush - you'll  
have to check the raw data.

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