Getting around a restricted connection from an external computer

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My host does not allow external connections to my MySQL database on their
server from a remote computer. I would like users of my VB application to be
able to add records from a table on said database to their local MySQL
database. Can anyone advise me of my options to solve this one (appart from
changing host)?


Re: Getting around a restricted connection from an external computer

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Create an ASP that queries the database and saves the recordset to the response
object.  This method assumes the information is encrypted in the db if it's

<%Option Explicit%>

<!--#include file="inc/asp_head.asp" -->
<!--#include file="inc/asp_connect.asp" -->
<%Dim rs: Set rs = cn.Execute("get_OnlineEntries " &
LikePhrase(ValidateInputString(Request.QueryString("ShowTitle"),"")) & "," &
  rs.Save Response: rs.Close: Set rs = Nothing: cn.Close: Set cn = Nothing%>

VB app:

Public Function GetOnlineEntries(ByRef sURL As String) As Variant

  Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset: Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset: rs.Open sURL
  If (Not rs.EOF) Then GetOnlineEntries = rs.GetRows: If (Not rs Is Nothing)
Then rs.Close

End Function

  mURL = "http://" & frmMain.IP_Main & "/getonlineentries.asp?ShowTitle=" &
URLEncode(frmMain.ShowTitle) & "&ShowDates=" & URLEncode(frmMain.ShowDates)
  Dim moe: moe = GetOnlineEntries(mURL)
  mbOnlineEntries = IsArray(moe)

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