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Hi gang,

I was thinking about further localization of my app.

There is a problem with gettext since it is not thread aware, but I
don't mind it, since if any other page changes the localization to its
liking, mine will change it again upon (re)loading, and everyone is
happy, as far as I'm concirned :)

The problem I'm facing now is this:

I'd like to translate as much of the site as I can, and I've created a
templating system for it. But which of the 2 systems would you prefer:

1.) Having one template file with the general design, and then if there
are a few picture headers, translate them through gettext, something
@TMPL_MAIN_HEADER = _( 'pictures/header_en.png' );
and let it be translated through gettext to, for example,


2.) Create a subdirectories in the template directories and duplicating
the design, changing only the pictures in it? Like:

The first solution is quite easier, although gettext was probably not
intended to be used in that way :)

As I've said, it's not really a burning question, more like an
invitation to e-brainstorm :) So what do you think about it?

-- Evanescent Lurker --

Re: GETTEXT (not really a question)

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I have a thing against duplication.  (That's why they invented include files  
:-) ).  Your second choice means that if you find a bug somewhere, it has to  
be fixed in every subdirectory rather than just once.


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