getimagesize() not working

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I am working on a personal project and having trouble with getimagesize()

I have an URL to a file I *know* for a fact exists.

The url in question is pulling longblob data from the database. This has  
never been a problem for me before. Moreover, in the past, this has worked  
for other similar scripts.

getimagesize works on every image file I have thrown at it, except these  
which are coming from the database.

What's weird is that file(), stat(), lstat(), fopen() and so on all return  
FALSE when given the URL (and/or path, where appropriate) of this image.

Even weirder: file_get_contents works fine on it.

Using getimagesize() on this file does NOT return any errors. Its like the  
info is just empty.

I've been staring at this thing for hours and I'm just drawing a complete  

Got any ideas?

Karl Groves

Re: getimagesize() not working

*** Karl Groves escribió/wrote (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:25:15 -0500):
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If I understand correctly, you have a PHP script that fetches data from DB
and prints it with an image MIME type header.

If you just feed file_get_contents() with the script name, it'll read your
PHP code and it won't (obviously) find its dimensions since it's not an
image but a text file.

You should make file_get_contents() load the file through the web server so
the code gets executed:

file_get_contents(' ');

The approach, though, does not seem very optimal. You'll be retrieving the
whole pic from DB just to get its size and then discard it. Also,
load_picture.php won't be using the visitor session data or cookies.

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I suppose you just want to generate the <img> tag. Add two columns to table
and store width and height when inserting the blob.

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