Get text from a template variable

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Here is my task:

 - need to get text from a template variable.

For example we have a text with templates "Cars" and "Producers":

 "{{Cars|Toyota=blablabla |Moskvitch=blablabla |BMW=blabla ...}}
{{Producers|TableLTD=blablabla |PhoneINC=Developed in 1998 in Kiev,
Ukraine. Phone and INC are partsof altered name PhoneINC etc...}}
{{Producers|TableLTD=babababa |PhoneINC=Since 1997 Kiev was
recotstructed... PhoneINC company established a new lines system

I have 2 parameters: template name = "Producers" and variable name
"PhoneINC" that means i need to get text between "PhoneINC=" and "}}"
of template "Producers".
Here is some of my thoughts:

foreach ($col_params as $param) //param[0] - variable and param[1]
template name we need to search for
     foreach ($content as $templates){//templates is a text where we need
to do search
       $template = explode ("}}" , $templates);
            foreach( $template as $redo){
         $matches2 = Array();
             $matches = Array();
             $s = eregi("\{\{$param[1].*", $redo, $matches);
//matches[0] = parts of text that contains template with variables
             $s = eregi("$param[0] .*", $matches[0], $matches2);
//matches2[0] = parts of text that contains variables with text and
also variables
// that are next after one we searched for, so here is a problem
occurs ???
             $cont = explode ("=", $matches2[0]);
 Please, if anyone can help, give me some advise.
Thank you in advance.

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