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I have a question that is going to make me look stupid, but as I am new to  
html and php (2 months), I'll as it anyway.

I have been using POST as the action and to get values that were input.  I  
understand that GET could also be used as the action (not just to get stuff  
after the "?" which I understand).

a. When should GEt be used and when should POST be used?
b. What is the difference between the two?



Re: GET and POST


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 Over to the standard which has a brief explanation:

< Space: disk usage analysis tool

Re: GET and POST

Shelly wrote:

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The choice between the two rests on the test of 'idempotency',  
in an ideal world.  Our world isn't ideal, however, and there  
are other things to ask yourself.  How much weight you attach  
to each consideration depends on the scenario.  A good  
description of some things to take into account is

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With respect to the methods themselves, the HTTP draft answers  
that.  How they relate to HTML forms is covered in the HTML  
spec.  Tim and Andy gave the links.


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