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Normally, if I want to know if someone viewed a particular page, I use the
php's "mail()" function (because I check my email lots more than I check my
weblogs :-)

Now I want to know how get php to "text-message" my cellphone!

Here's the idea: my cellphone website has a "send someone a text message"
page. On that page, there are 3 form objects:

a.) input for the 9-digit recipient phone
b.) input for the text message
c.) a "submit" button.

So.... would there be a way where if a visitor visits my page, the php code
would "fopen()" the cellphone website page, input my 9 digit cell number,
and a brief text message (like, "visited"), and then submit the form?


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In article

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My service (ATT/Cingular) offers an email<-->textmessage gateway.  You
send email to my phone through their service and it sends a text
message.  Verizon offers this as well.  Doesn't your provider offer it?

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on 01/23/2005 10:26 PM Westcoast Sheri said the following:
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Here you may find several SMS gateway classes in PHP:


Manuel Lemos

PHP Classes - Free ready to use OOP components written in PHP /

PHP Reviews - Reviews of PHP books and other products /

Metastorage - Data object relational mapping layer generator

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Sure there is.  Read up on 'curl'.

Even easier for some phone services is an email gateway.  I suggest
you verify that this does NOT exist before going the curl route.


PS: Evidently your site gets very few visitors!

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Most cell providers offer email. Just your phone number
That is basically how you can download ringtones and what not. An easy
way to find your cell email is to open a yahoo account, edit the mail
filters and register your phone, they tell you your phone's email

Anyone with a tmobile account that can have text messages should be
able to send emails to their phone by entering something like this:

That will get sent directly to your phone. You should check with your
provider to see what you email address is.

Jerry Sievers wrote:
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Westcoast Sheri wrote:
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php code

Google "post2host". Guess, I'm a genius now;-)

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