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I have a table with two fields:
    1)  groups_id
    2)  groups_name

The data contained is simple:

    groups_id    groups_name
    -----------    ----------------
        1          Group A
        2          Group B
        3          Group C
        4          Group D

I would like to dynamically create a checkbox selection similar to:

<input name="sel_group" type="checkbox" value="1">Group A<BR>
<input name="sel_group" type="checkbox" value="2">Group B<BR>
<input name="sel_group" type="checkbox" value="3">Group C<BR>
<input name="sel_group" type="checkbox" value="4">Group D<BR>

So I need a script that'll take this information from the groups table
and create the above.  Can you help?



Re: Generate Checkbox list wrote:

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This is done easiest in a awkward way in PHP.
Just name your checkboxes sel_group[] istead of sel_group, and then in  
receiving script:

$selectedSel_group = array();
if (isset($_POST["sel_group"])){
  $selectedSel_group = $_POST["sel_group"];

Now you have them in the array $selectedSel_group. (Can be empty of course).

Also keep in mind that the content of the formfields can be something else  
than the numbers you provide when the visitor is a bad guy (SQL-injection  
and such tricks), so you have to make sure the contents of the array are  
indeed numbers (if that is what you expect).

Erwin Moller

Re: Generate Checkbox list wrote:
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Pretty simple, really.  Just SELECT the information from the table and  
use echo or print to display the results in the html.

You'll need to:
   1. Connect to the database - mysql_connect()
   2. Select a database - mysql_select_db()
   3. Query the database for the information - mysql_query()
   4. Fetch the results - mysql_fetch_array()
   5. Write the HTML for your input statement - echo
   6. Repeat 4 and 5 while you have more data
   7. Close the database - mysql_close()

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