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The following code works partially.
If Justify is set to 0, I see 3 separate lines of text left justified

but when I try to right or center justify I only get the first line.
It is
justified but out of vertical position as well it seems. Can someone
this or point me to a working function. TIA
//  $Justify:   0=left 1=right 2=center - watch word wrap
function imagettfJustifytext($text, $font="CENTURY.TTF", $Justify=0,
$Leading=0, $W=0, $H=0, $X=0, $Y=0, $fsize=12,
$color=array(0x0,0x0,0x0), $bgcolor=array(0xFF,0xFF,0xFF)){
   $angle = 0;
   $_bx = imageTTFBbox($fsize,0,$font,$text);
   $s = split("[\n]+", $text);  // Array of lines
   $nL = count($s);  // Number of lines
   $W = ($W==0)?abs($_bx[2]-$_bx[0]):$W;
   $H = ($H==0)?abs($_bx[5]-$_bx[3])+($nL>1?($nL*$Leading):0):$H;
   $im = imagecreate($W, $H) or die("Cannot Initialize new GD image
   $background_color = imagecolorallocate($im, $bgcolor[0],
$bgcolor[1], $bgcolor[2]);
   $text_color = imagecolorallocate($im, $color[0], $color[1],
   if ($Justify == 0){ //Justify Left
      imagettftext($im, $fsize, $angle, $X, $fsize, $text_color,
$font, $text);
   else {
      $_b = imageTTFBbox($fsize,0,$font,$text);
      $_H = abs($_b[5]-$_b[3]);
      for ($i=0; $i<$nL; $i++) {
         $_b = imageTTFBbox($fsize,0,$font,$s[$i]);
         $_W = abs($_b[2]-$_b[0]);
         if ($Justify == 1) $_X = $W-$_W;  // Justify Right
         else $_X = abs($W/2)-abs($_W/2);  // Justify Center
         $__H += $_H;
         imagettftext($im, $fsize, $angle, $_X, $__H, $text_color,
$font, $s[$i]);
         $__H += $Leading;
   header("Content-type: image/png");
imagettfJustifytext("Hello there\nMy name is Ricky\nByee");

Re: GD text justify


The vertical position exceeds the height, so you should be able to

    $__H += $_H;


    $__H += abs($_b[5] - $_b[3]);

There's also an alignment function at:


John Peters

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Re: GD text justify

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Yes this works thank you. It seems to have been a scope problem
with the for loop since prior to the loop $_H is assigned these
same values. I took out the prior assignment and replaced as
you showed in the for loop and all is well. BTW I also gave the
other a try but couldn't get it to work straight away. I saw it
in my original searches but passed over it because of the date
and the way it passed the image ref. Thanks again.
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