GD imagefilledarc not working, but php version apparently recent enough.

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Using GD imagefilledarc to fill in an arc drawn with php does not
work, but imagefilledellipse works fine. The imagefilledarc is
supposed to have worked since php version 4.06. I have version 4.3.11,
so the version should be recent enough. If you will click on , you will get a dump of php info
from my host's server using phpinfo(). This confirms the php version.
GD info is given, and the GD installed is supposed to be bundled
compatible to GD version 2.0.28. Does anyone have any idea why
imagefilledarc apparently is not supported?

Re: GD imagefilledarc not working, but php version apparently recent enough.

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After wasting many hours, I have found the problem. The reference I
was using indicated that the same parameters are used for
imagefilledarc as for imagearc. That is true, except a final parameter
must be added to select from 4 possible types of fill. I finally knew
something was wrong with the code when I found a parameter was missing
using some tests. For instance a final parameter of img_arc_pie gives
a completely filled wedge shape with a curved edge, or piece of pie.
For more details concerning this final parameter see .

I thought I should post a few details in case someone else used the
same reference I did that did not mention the final parameter required
for image filled arc. If you do not include this parameter, there is
no default one. The code just fails and gives no image. Thanks to
anyone who examined my post.

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