GD_Image, imagecopyresample, dithering the transparent color

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Hello - I'm using imagecopyresample() to resize a GIF line-art type
image onto a polygon created with GD_Image in PHP.  Each has a
transparent color (same color, I think!).  The transparent color is
dithering during the resize, though.  Result is, some pixels aren't
transparent anymore until I search the whole image for colors close
rgb-wise to the original transparent color, and put it back to
transparent.  This color replacement step is a 400% performance hit in
my case (these aren't huge images).

Is there a way to just dither the non-transparent colors?

Or can I more easily find/replace the dithered colors back to the
original color?  Here's the color replace function:

    // replace a color with a new color
    function change_color($image, $old_color, $new_color, $threshold) {
        $image_width = imagesx($image);
        $image_height = imagesy($image);

        $r_old = ($old_color >> 16) & 0xFF;
        $g_old = ($old_color >> 8) & 0xFF;
        $b_old = $old_color & 0xFF;

        // iterate through x axis
        for ($x = 0; $x < $image_width; $x++) {

            // iterate through y axis
            for ($y = 0; $y < $image_height; $y++) {

                // look at current pixel
                $pixel_color = imagecolorat($image, $x, $y);

                $rgb = imagecolorsforindex($image, $pixel_color );

                $delta = abs( $rgb['red'] - $r_old ) + abs( $rgb['green'] -
$g_old ) + abs( $rgb['blue'] - $b_old );

                // sum RGB deltas, and compare to thresh
                if ( $delta <= $threshold && $delta != 0 ) {
                    // replace with new color
                    imagesetpixel($image, $x, $y, $new_color);


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