GD fns and memory leak

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I have a class for manipulating images, making thumbnails etc. When it
under Apache, I find that each process is using up about 50M more than
it started.

I have three lines of code that show a similar problem:

        $imNew = ImageCreateTrueColor(3000,2000);
        ImageJPEG($imNew, '', 75);

Without the ImageJPEG line, a newly created Apache process goes up by a
100K, which I can understand. Add in the ImageJPEG line and it goes up
30M. Surely the memory should be released when the image resource is

I have Apache 2.2.0 and PHP 4.4.1 running under Apache. Has anyone else
this?? (It also occurs under Apache 2.0.54 and PHP 4.4.0)

Thanks in advance
Fred Forsyth
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Re: GD fns and memory leak

what does ImageJPEG() return?  Is it possible, the return object is
saved to some hidden variable like in perl's ?_.

Re: GD fns and memory leak

The ImageJPEG() fn returns a bool value, so if it is creating anything
it should clear it as far as I can see.

kevincw01 wrote:
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Re: GD fns and memory leak

what does it return, true or false?

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