fwrite - Linux and ISP - Very Strange!

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Hello all,

I run a web site via a hosting provider on Linux.  The web site runs
php scripts and one of the scripts writes information to a log file
running on the same server as the php scripts.  The directory where the
log file is has a chmod of 777.

Now as of about 48hrs ago everytime I attempt to execute the php script
(via a url call) that writes to a log file it reaches the following
line of code and the code seems to terminate with no warning or error
code passed:

fputs($fp, $line, strlen($line));

Now here is the strange bit - if anyone else not using Paradise as
their ISP attempts to execute the same script it works!!

What I did next was execute the same script using the
http://anon.free.anonymizer.com service which replaces your real IP
with a bogus one... the script executed! So same machine - same ISP
(Paradise) but through http://anon.free.anonymizer.com it works.

I am at a lost to understand what is going on - before the offending
line of code I added code to check write permissions on the log
directory and the log file that was created - all reported back as okay
- however as soon as the script attempts to put anything in the file
and I have executed it through my ISP it fails with no error - the
script just terminates!

Has anyone heard of this?

Best Regards


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