function using global object in PHP5 failes

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I've got a strange problem here with PHP5 (5.0.4). I've got file A,
defining a class A and a file B, which sets up an Object of A (aObj) in
the global scope like this.

----- A.php ----
class A {

----- B.php ----
require_once "A.php";
$aObj = new A();

Ok - that's the setup so far. Now I include B.php in a file C.php,
which lets me (correctly) acces aObj in the global scope, but not in a
function defined there. And I _do_ use global:

----- C.php -----
require_once "B.php";

echo $aObj->some_member; // works

function test() {
    global $aObj;
    echo $aObj->some_member; // does not work "Notice: Trying to get
property of non-object"

Did I miss something here or did the behaviour of the global operator
change in PHP5?

Re: function using global object in PHP5 failes

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Ok - spotted the problem.
I use a function (which adds the base path to my require_once) for
including files, defined as follows

function require_framework($file) {
    global $_BASEPATH; // defined somewhere above
    require_once $_BASEPATH.$file;

If I do the following in my main file main.php


the error occures as described. If I include normally like

require_once "C.php";

everything works fine. So the problem occured because I created a
function inside another function with this and thus the global keyword
did not work.
Well ... I wanted to discard that require_framework function anyway ^^


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