ftp_quit($conn_id) necessary?

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I have a question that I don't find answered in the manual: After opening an
ftp connection with PHP, will it be closed automatically after the script is
executed, just as MySQL connections are? Or does it remain open unless it is
terminated with ftp_quit?

The background is that I wrote some functions that go through the directory
structure and do for example some CHMODing. The functions call themselves if
they find a directory, so I can't close the connection at the end of the
function executing:

class myclass

var $conn_id = false;

function ftp_connect()
    $this->conn_id = ftp_connect("myhost");
    $login_result = ftp_login($this->conn_id, "username", "password");

function do_something($folder)
    if ($this->conn_id == false) {
    $contents = my_custom_directory_function($folder);
    foreach ($contents as $content) {
        if (is_dir($folder.$content)) {
            ftp_chdir($this->conn_id, $content);
            $this->do_something($folder.$content."/"); // function calls
            ftp_chdir($this->conn_id, "..");
        else {


See that there is no point where I could close the connection. Is that a


Re: ftp_quit($conn_id) necessary?

Markus Ernst wrote:
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You could add a ftp_disconnect() method, which you call at the end of your

Anyways, even when you don't close the ftp resource at the end of the
script, PHP's garbage collector will get rid of it when it finishes parsing
the script.

But closing the connection when you are done is good programming practice,
so just add the ftp_disconnect() method to your class and put a call to it
right at the bottom of your script. In PHP 5 you can even add a
"__destruct()" method in your class, in which you call ftp_close(). This
method is called automatically when the script finishes.


Re: ftp_quit($conn_id) necessary?

Janwillem Borleffs wrote:
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Thank you very much for your helpful answer. I do care about good
programming practice, but for consistency reasons I prefer to call the
ftp_close() function at the same place where the connection is established.

So with your input in mind I did some more research in the manual and found
the register_shutdown_function() function. I added

register_shutdown_function(array(&$this, 'ftp_disconnect'));

to the function that establishes the connection, which actually gives me
kind of a destructor.


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