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Hi all

Im transferring a site to our servers and the previous developer used
something called "FSDIR_ROOT" which i guess takes you to the root of
the site in question and then adds the next bit of the path to file.

Im getting an error mssg similar to this all over the place and I need
some help to solve the problem. Can anyone tell me exactly what
FSDIR_ROOT does and whether this might be caused by the site being in a
subdirectory on our sever not a directory of its own and also whether
it might be that our host does not support this function and how i
would know this was the case? I cant find anything about this function
in php.net or on google so any help woudl be greatly appreciated!

Warning: main(FSDIR_ROOTincludes/meta-tags.php): failed to open stream:
No such file or directory in...


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It most likely is a constant defined somewhere in the application's  
files. If there's a config file, it's most likely in there. Otherwise, do  
a text search through the files for


Alan Little
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Hi Alan nice to hear from you again. Yeah it was a constant. Thanks.



Alan Little wrote:
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