Front End Development Coding Best Practice.

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Hello there.

I've been wondering if there is a design pattern reference for front-
end development coding....

There has been a discussion @work about how to code it... the options

Every web document (as "index.php", "products.php" and so on) should
be coded as one function which organizes which css , js , footer,
header files should be called. So the index.php would look like this:

<?php ShowContent($_POST, $_GET, 1) /*1 = idPage for index.php*/ ?>

Every web development has  a mixed up html/php code, but the php calls
are minimum... so the index.php would look like this:

 /* content variables load here*/
 $tittle = getTittle();
 $productDetails  = getDetails();
 <tittle> <?=$tittle?></tittle>
<h1> Product Details </h1>
<?=$productDetails ?>

Going smarty (and alike) way.

What do you think?

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