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I have exported my old Access database to MySQL. I am used to using the
possibilities of Access to retrieve, for example, for a definite
column, the values in a column of another table (through a SELECT....),
or determine a range of values that are allowed. Also I have always
copied & pasted similar records and then modified the pasted records.
All these procedures have sped up my work.
Now, if I work with PHPMyAdmin, I find that I lose the "overview" from
Access, I cannot use these "SELECT" references and I cannot copy
records. If I establish a link to my tables in MySQL from Access, so
that I can keep on working in Access, the data entry will be slow and
these references to another tables to retrieve data, are lost (they
were not exported together with the database and I cannot re-create
them because it is a "linked" table).
If I keep on working in Access and I export everytime my database to
MySQL I have first to delete my tables in MySQL (that means that the
website is inactive for a while). I cannot make simple "Export only
Data" because I don't only add new records, but I update old records...
I mean, I have to make "insert" but also "replace". Which is the best
way to do it? Perhaps there is an easier way to do everything, or a
more efficient. I think I'm missing something.
Any help will be welcomed.  

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Linked tables suck - JET has no idea how to optimize queries. Use pass-thru
queries instead.

I often find it easier just to write the SQL by hand. If you really want to
do everything in MS-Access, IIRC it supports some offline replication
mechanism (requires an autoincrement field and timestamp field for each


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