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Now that PHP5 has proper scoping for class properties and methods, I've  
been looking in vain for friend classes, or wondering if there's another  
way to achieve this effect:

class A {

    protected var $v1;



class AHelper {


   function ....

       $helper = new AHelper ( ... );

       if ($helper->v1) ...


So A has a property which really is not supposed to be public, but  
AHelper (which does not inherit from A) has a special relationship with  
A and wants to be able to delve inside it.

Note that just providing a public accessor won't help: it's logically  
the same as making the property public.

C++ manages this by having 'friend classes' - classes which are allowed  
inside a class even though they are not derived from it.

I suppose I could write a public accessor method which takes its caller  
as an argument and checks its type before it will go ahead and fetch the  
value; but that's inelegant, heavy, and only takes effect at run time.

Has anybody got any better suggestions?

[I see somebody asked the same question two weeks ago on faqts, but did  
not get an answer)


Re: Friend classes

Colin Fine said the following on 19/10/2005 00:19:
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PHP OOP is *extremely* limited. I'm afraid you're going to have to live  
with it... ;)


Re: Friend classes

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Hey who are you calling limited >;)

Mike Willbanks
Zend Certified Engineer

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