[FreeBSD 6.3/PHP5] Installing MemCacheD?

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    I'd like to play with MemcacheD and see how it improves read access
to data, but I'm a bit lost at how to get from a working Apache2 +
PHP5 + MySQL5  server on FreeBSD 6.3.

I've never used PECL and PEAR before, and they seem required to
install MemcacheD.

I just ran "make config ; make ; make install" to build the php5 and
php5-extensions ports. If it helps, according to phpinfo(),
apache2handler has mod_mem_cache loaded.

Could someone tell me what to do from here?

Thank you.

Re: [FreeBSD 6.3/PHP5] Installing MemCacheD?

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Got it working without really knowing what I was doing :-)

 1. cd /usr/ports/databases/memcached; make ; make install
 2. vi /etc/rc.conf, and add memcached_enable="YES"
 3. /usr/local/etc/rc.d/memcached start
 4. run "netstat -an" to check that a process is listening on TCP
 5. cd /usr/ports/databases/pecl-memcache ; make ; make install
 6. /usr/local/bin/php -i | grep -i 'memcache'
 7. Play with memcached in PHP scripts

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