Free PHP Template with External CSS (server must have php)

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SSI / PHP Template For Websites
PHP Template with External CSS
browse down the page, and there are the four files, and then get the
graphics from the base link.  This one works like a charm.

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[OT] CSS designs - lamentation (Was Re: Free PHP Template with External CSS (server must have php))

Hats wrote:
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   Unfortunately, in the above sites and even in many sites (including
Yahoo!) that have been redesigned with table-less accessible XHTML/CSS,
the CSS templates are heavily broken. Many of them use absolute
positioning (eg, wikipedia) that breaks when the site is viewed via
Google cache or so; many of them use fixed width layout and breaks
accessible; many of them use px and which inturn breaks IE (making it
non-zoomable). There are only very very few templates that really take
care of the accessibility.

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