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Dear all,

I need some help in frames and php.

i have
|    Button          |
|                        |

 Frame 2


i have two different outputs,output1 and output2.

when ever i press the button in form i should get output1 in frame 1
and then after 10 seconds i should get the
output 2 in frame2.

can any one please help me.


Re: frames and php wrote:

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PHP is not really aware of your frames.
PHP just gets a request in and produces an answer (HTML most of the time).

So this is maybe not the best newsgroup to ask.

To 'post a form to another frame', or better put: 'to ask the browser to  
display the results of a post in another frame' use the 'target' - keyword  
in your form.
<form action="bla.php" method="POST" target="anotherframenamehere">

To create a timing effect (like your 10 secs), use Javascript, look for a  
function window.setTimeOut().
Beware however, you'll need JavaScript for this, which of course CAN be  
disabled in the client browser.

Erwin Moller

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