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I have a page, which writes a cookie, creating two frames. I have verified  
via Fireplug that the cookie is being written. In one of the frames, an  
attempt then is made to read the cookie. Therein, I have code to see if the  
cookie is set -- and it keeps telling me it is not set (despite my being  
able to see it there, and it;s contents, and it is correct). Can someone  
please tell me why, in this code, my frame connot read this cookie? Thanks.

//here is the page that creates the cookie, and establishes the frames
  $user= $_POST['user'];
  $server= $_POST['server'];
  $port= $_POST['port'];
  $channel= $_POST['channel'];
  $email= $_POST['email'];
  $fullname= $_POST['fullname'];
  $sk= $_POST['sk'];
  $voice= $_POST['voice'];
  $usevoice= $_POST['usevoice'];
  $password= $_POST['password'];
   $timer = md5(time());
        $info = $user . "+" . $server . "+" . $port. "+" . $channel. "+"  
.$email. "+" .$fullname. "+" .$sk. "+" .$voice. "+" .$usevoice. "+"  
        SetCookie("vios", $info, time() + 86400 * 10); //Set Cookie for 10  
                <TITLE>VIOS Demonstration</TITLE>

        <frameset rows="320,*">
                <!--<frame src="ggadmintop.html" name="main" marginwidth="1"  
marginheight="1"> -->
                <frame src="viostop.php" name="top" scrolling="no" noresize  
FRAMEBORDER="0" BORDER="0" FRAMESPACING="0" marginwidth="1"  
               echo "<frame  
src=\" =".$user."&password=".$password."  
name=\"bottom\" marginwidth=\"1\" scrolling=\"no\" noresize  
FRAMEBORDER=\"0\" BORDER=\"0\" FRAMESPACING=\"0\" marginheight=\"1\">";
                                <p>This web page uses frames, but your  
browser doesn't support them.</p>
//and here is the frame that attempts to then read the cookie:

if (!(isset($vios))) {
  echo "cookie not set in browser.";
  $sidarray = explode("+", "$vios");
  $user= $sidarray[0];
  $server= $sidarray[1];
  $port= $sidarray[2];
  $channel= $sidarray[3];
  $email= $sidarray[4];
  $sk= $sidarray[6];
  $voice= $sidarray[7];
  $usevoice= $sidarray[8];
  $password= $sidarray[9];

Re: frames and cookies

"R. Vince" <rvince99  a t hotmail d o t com> wrote:

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Hi R. Vince,

Cookies are set PER DOMAIN and possible even with a PATH in that domain.
That means that a cookie set at: cannot be retrieved by:

By not retrieving I mean:
1) Is NEVER send to the server
2) Cannot be queried by Javascript.

So in effect a cookie from another domain is effectively not there.
This has been like this since... Netscape2 if memory serves me well.

Erwin Moller

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