FP array checksum?

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I would like to generate a checksum for a small array of floating
point numbers (to see if there was a change in  or not in the array,
without having to have all the original values in a form.) some sort
of  CRC would be nice.

Any know of any sample code or suggestions?

Re: FP array checksum?

On Aug 7, 7:10=A0pm, la...@portcommodore.com wrote:
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$checksum = crc32 (implode ($myArray));

Re: FP array checksum?

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Darn you!  It had to be so easy.. :-)


Re: FP array checksum?

*** larry@portcommodore.com escribió/wrote (Thu, 7 Aug 2008 11:10:08 -0700
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You can use serialize() on the array to get a string and then apply a
hashing function like md5(), sha1() or crc32().

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