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Is there anyway I can set up a personal 'remailer' type of thing
on my domain ?

I can not email a friend at his workplace because his company
have put a 'block' on emails from my work address (the companies
we work for are considered rivals) - I am after a way to
'bounce' or forward an email, so my originating address isn't

I have tried email forwarding (in CPanel) using addresses set up
in my domain but when they forward, the original sender is
shown, therefore the block applies.

I have also tried using Bigfoot but again, the original sender
is shown.

Is there any way, using PHP or otherwise, that I could somehow
receive a message sent to an address in my domain, and forward
it on with a different "from" address ? (There would only be 1
specified address that I would want to forward on, to prevent


Unfortunately webmail isn't an option as we don't have web
access at work, and it has to be sent through the work Email
system, Outlook.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Re: Forward Email, change sender address

markmark@nospam.pls (Mark) wrote in message
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Yes, but this is best done with something like procmail.  If you
want to do it with PHP, it is possible, but would require access
to OS-level scheduling facilities (e.g., cron).


Re: Forward Email, change sender address

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Yes... see "man procmailex" for sufficient information on how to trigger
and rewrite (using formail).

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Yes... PHP with imap support can read pop/imap servers to scan for
specific mail and let you do about everything you imagine.


  Daniel Tryba

Re: Forward Email, change sender address


On 08/04/2004 03:15 PM, Mark wrote:
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What kind of block? From: header block or IP sender block?

Why don't you just change your origin mail address in your mail program


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