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 i have forms basicframe.html, display.php, links.php, header.html.
  my question is how come i can't get the image type to send a value?
when i use a basic input type -- submit it sends a value no problem.
the error message i get when i try to print my post variable with
image type is undefined index.

what i am trying to do is have clickable images.  i want to pass a variable
when i click an image in my links part of the frame to the display frame
handler.  when i click for instance an image that represents electronics
i want the display handler to be notified that the electronics image/link
was the sender so i can process my query located in the display handler.

i can rework the design so i am using a dropdown and a submit on my links
frame so if you dont know off hand dont worry about it.  i just thought
it would be cooler this way than the drop down and submit button.

thanks for any feedback,

Re: forms -- image type


i seem to ran into an issue with browsers implementing the standard.
these links are proving helpful.

i will look at these articles more carefully after my work shift
is over tonight.


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