Forms and PHP V5.0.2 with APACHE V2.0.50

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Some details of my HOME PC. I am running the following ....
Win2000 SP4; IE V6; 512MB RAM; H/Disk Space OK.
In the past couple of weeks I have installed/configured from binaries for ..

MySQL V4.1.5      [mysql-4.1.5-gamma-essential-win.msi]
Apache V2.0.50    [apache_2.0.50-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi]
PHP V5.0.2        []

OBJECTIVE: To use my HOME PC to run a local APACHE web server on which to
develop websites that make use of PHP scripts and MySQL databases. My PC
will NOT be used as a service machine.

PROBLEM: I cannot get data from my FORMS to appear in my browser window.
i.e. I just get an HTML Heading from the PHP script and no Data or
associated Text from the Form via the ECHO command.

COMMENTS: The standard phpinfo.php test works fine. PHP date functions work
OK. I can also use the ECHO command to print the content of concatenated
variables containing strings OK.

I think the main problem is with actual DATA from a Form via Globals or
Superglobals not working.
I've tried different means of obtaining the Form data, both the old
$HTTP_POST_VARS and also the newer and preferred $_POST[...]. Associated
with this I have also tried changing the REGISTER_GLOBALS and
REGISTER_LONG_ARRAYS directive settings of the PHP.INI config file, all to
no avail. Note also that I have been restarting APACHE after each change to
PHP.INI to make sure any change is implemented.

I'm not clear on this latter point as I would have thought that Restarting
APACHE was only necessary after alterations to its own config file,

I think that I may have a configuration problem with either or both PHP and
APACHE. Maybe they are not working correctly together?

Can anyone offer any help? FAQ's I've seen essentially cover the points
listed above.

Re: Forms and PHP V5.0.2 with APACHE V2.0.50

Jim Johnstone wrote:
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I'm not sure, but ...

I guess if php is installed as a Apache module it gets loaded when
Apache starts.

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Increase the reporting level to E_ALL either in php.ini or with

    <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ?>

in your test script(s).
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Re: Forms and PHP V5.0.2 with APACHE V2.0.50



Re: Forms and PHP V5.0.2 with APACHE V2.0.50

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:13:19 +0100, "Jim Johnstone"

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 Not relevant to the current issue, but MySQL 4.1 went General Availability
today on 4.1.7 so it might be worth installing that.

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 You've posted a lot of information about configuration - this is good -
however you've missed the most important parts - actual example code, and
examples of how the output differs from what you expect.

 $_GET and $_POST are the two main ways to get data from forms. Are you mixing
up GET and POST perhaps?

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 PHP only reads its configuration on startup. When loaded as an Apache module,
this means you have to completely stop and then restart Apache to get the PHP
module to be reloaded and so re-read its configuration.

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