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In a program I'm creating, I'm trying to calculate a percentage.  However,
for some reason the calculation is only coming out to 1 decimal place, and I
know there's more.  Using this code:

$gshare = $shareresults / $phenresults;
echo "$shareresults / $phenresults = $gshare";

I get the following output:

3,340,000 / 5,180,000 = 0.6

That's wrong.  How can I correct this?  

Re: Formatting Problem

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 They're not numbers, not with the commas in them. You can't divide formatted

 When asked to treat strings as numbers, PHP reads as much of the data until it
stops matching basic numeric format, so you're actually getting 3/5 which is

 Remove the commas; only add them back in again when formatting them for

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Re: Formatting Problem

if you're really lazy:

$gshare = str_replace(',','',$shareresults) /

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