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Hi all,

I have a quick question about the formatting of external text files.

I am trying to make a webpage for a local church that will display what
is on in the coming weeks. I have done this using an external text file
so that the future users will never have to modifiy the page itself.

If left as plain text, it shows on the page in default format. I know I
can format the text within the text file using standard HTML, but is
there a way of formatting regular text outside of the text file? Kind
of post processing it? The file format will always be something like

Monday 19th
09:00 Add event here
12:00 Add event here

Tuesday 20th
09:00 Add event here
10:00 Add event here
13:00 Add event here


The number of events on each day is variable, and not every day may
feature (could be monday events then thursday events). I would like to
make the Day and date bold, the times italic...well you get the idea!

I have an idea that I will need to impose a structure on the file,
however I am unsure of how to do this. If this is the case, then I
would appreciate it if someone could post a link to a decent tutorial
or guide so I can learn it!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me with

Kind regards


Re: Formating external text

Dan wrote:
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I'd just put the events in a database and build the pages dynamically.

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Re: Formating external text

The simplest way to impose a structure is to create a form. That way,
the different parts of the entry - date, day, time, subject, any
additional info - can each be clearly identified, and errors such as
entering non-existing dates can be avoided.

Whether that information is then added to a database or simply appended
to a text file is up to you.

Dan wrote:
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