Form variables in the address line.

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I have created a form with hidden variables and submit button which
initiate downloading of a new page. After submit-button is pressed and
new page is downloaded I can see values of all hidden variables in the
address line of the browser. It is strange that another form does not
produce this effect (variables in address line). I cannot find out
which difference in forms originates different behavior. May be you
have some ideas?

Re: Form variables in the address line.

OK. It was stupid mistake. I could see variables values in the address
line in cases when I did not put method="post" in the forms

Re: Form variables in the address line.

*** escribió/wrote (29 Jan 2006 05:01:15 -0800):
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There're several methods to send data to a web server. Forms normally use
GET or POST. In HTML you specify it with the 'method' attribute in 'form'
tag. GET method implies using the URL to send the data while POST gets its
data sent in the body of the request.

Also, please note that the 'hidden' type only affects the way the field is
rendered into the page (i.e., not displayed).

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