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I'm currently building a purchase order system using php and mysql.
Each order created needs to have an associated date.  I'm looking for
a small calendar application, to be incorporated within a html form.
It should display the current date, when the page loads and should
allow the form user to select a date, which will be submitted with the
form and stored in the database.  I've been using drop down boxes, but
my client seems to think a calendar display would be more user

Has anyone used/built such an application in the past?  Any
recommendations?  I'm hoping to use freeware in this instance.

Grazie mille,


Re: form calendar?

On Jan 17, 7:49 pm, wrote:
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I really like this one, though I prefer an older version (0.8)

Re: form calendar?

On Jan 18, 3:49 am, wrote:
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Kind of OT - since the widget is browser side (hence HTML/JS/CSS)

But checkout jscalendar

(as featured in PfP studio -


Re: form calendar?

<Thu, 17 Jan 2008 19:49:50 -0800 (PST)>

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$demo=date("D dS M h:i A",time()+$tip);

$tip can be anything i suppose - but most of the time the value of $tip  
is usually something like 86400 as is (one day) in php .

$demo=date("D dS M h:i A",time()+$tip);
print "the time is $demo <br>";

$demo=date("D dS M h:i A",time()+$tip);
print "the time is $demo <br>";

$demo=date("D dS M h:i A",time()+$tip);
print "the time is $demo <br>";

And so on and so on .

While the above probably wont be suitable for the actual calendar  
display - you can use it to create the date(s) that will be stored in  
your database .

Re: form calendar?

On Jan 18, 3:49 am, wrote:
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Been using the Zapatec calendar (
products/prod1/index.jsp) for years now, although you're supposed to
add a linkback if you want use the calendar for free.


Re: form calendar?


on 01/18/2008 01:49 AM said the following:
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You may want to try this forms generation and validation class that
comes with a plug-in that lets the use choose a date and your
application may treat the returned value as a single date. It even
validates the date choosen by the user to be restricted between a start
or end date.

Here you may see a live example:

Here you may watch a tutorial video:

If you prefer to pick the date from a pop-down calendar, you may also
want to try this plug-in of the same forms class:


Manuel Lemos

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Re: form calendar?

<Manuel Lemos>
<Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:46:14 -0200>

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But theres no real need for the user to use a script/app that somebody  
else has written as at the end of the day its only 2 dates the user  
wants to store .

Sure if hes asking the question then he obviously hasnt done a lot of  
time and/or date stuff before .

The chances are he only really needs some helpful pointers in how to  
pass the selected info and how to generate the suitable dates .

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