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I have a web page in which I have different tab/divs.  So when the
user selects different tabs the the url changes to


What I am trying to do is reset the focus on the currently selected
tab when the form is submitted.  For instance, when the user make a
selection in a form it always return the url to

How can I trap the current url and set it have running the rest of my
code to save/delete/...?

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Re: Focus on previously selected page

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By javascript, not with PHP alone (the fragment isn't even sent to the  
server AFAIK). Probably you'll have to set a cookie with javascript on  
changes & load time, and then either act accordingly with PHP's output  
(set a particular div visbile, the rest hidden/display:none), or do that  
with javascript after the pageload.
Rik Wasmus
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Re: Focus on previously selected page

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As a general rule I'd avoid using cookies for transferring information
explicitly between one page and the next - rather I only use cookies
for session related data or user related data. My prefered solution
would be to use a hidden form field. However the cookie approach dose
mean that the entire behaviour can be encapsulated with javascript if
POSTs are used.


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