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I have written a simple guestbook in php which writes the contents in a
file while using flock. But I have read that this is not always save.

So some people suggested to use a database instead. But if I use mysql,
then my customers have to pay more for the webspace. Actually, I would
prefer to use a simple database like dbm
(http://www.php.net/manual/de/ref.dbm.php ) and write the information in
a local file.

Under http://www.php.net/manual/de/ref.dbm.php in the last not of the
User Contributed Notes some says that the return codes are nadly
documentated or wrong.

Is dbm a save way to give several scripts/processes at the same time
the ability to read/write from the same file. Or are there maybe others
which php programmers prefer. But remember I want to write the data to
a file and not to database service...

Thanks a lot...

Re: flock or database

hakim wrote:
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It is not safe on Windows.  But you are not going to host your
guestbook on a Windows machine, are you?

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But then you'd have to talk your hosting company into enabling dbm
support.  Would they go along with that for free?  


Re: flock or database

NC schrieb:
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No it's a debian box...

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That's true. But are there some nice file - database solutions other
then dbm, which don't need to be compiled into php??

I have looked for sqlite, but this seems to be experimental...


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