file vs. fgets - performance question

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I have a large file that I need to put into an array - but I only need the
last hundred or so lines.  The file is approx. 1100 lines total (20k).  Is
it more efficient to use fgets in a situation like this?  I'm wondering if
it's quicker to read into the array only the lines I need (fgets), rather
than converting the whole file into an array (file).  Or is file quicker
since I don't need fopen?

Re: file vs. fgets - performance question

deko wrote:
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the usual file handling routines will be used with file() too. the
difference is that you won't have to take care of it.

maybe you should just try both and benchmark them - i think the
fopen-variant with fgets is faster as it is not reading those many lines.


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