File upload: quotes in filenames

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Yet another file upload post!

I've read the annotated manual and googled, but haven't seen
this one.

Uploading using the code given in the manual, if I upload
a file called


then $_FILES['userfile']['name'] gets a value of


Hmm! I know it's unlikely that a file would have a quote in
the name but it's not impossible and it would be good to be
able to handle it.

While working on this application (create/delete/update user
accounts in a database and allow users to upload/download files)
I've found it very difficult to handle text, both in database
records and file names, which might have singlequotes, doublequotes
and HTML entities embedded. I don't know of any company which
has " as part of its name but who knows, there might be one.

This seems to be a limitation of HTML in that quotes are used
for delimiters and it's hard to handle delimited values where
the values might contain either or both types of quote.

Jim Hatfield

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