File name: foo.php OR foo.htm

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Hello -

This has probably been asked before, but I would like to know when its
best to name a file with either extension.


- Olumide

Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm


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just as you like it. The browser typically does not look at the file  
extension at all. Just the MIME content type of the file is important,  
and that is controlled by the web server.
I think it is the best to name files with PHP code in it ".php" and  
files without PHP code in it ".htm(l)" because that is the default and  
should work on every webserver with PHP support.


Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm

Olumide wrote:

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Typically, your file will only be processed as PHP code if its extension is
".php".  Therefore, you should use that for all PHP files.  HTML files will
probably be handled correctly if they are given the .php extension, but the
best practice is to use .htm (or, preferably, .html) if the file contains no
PHP code.

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Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm


[re .htm and .php]

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I would say if the file or its output is text/html, name it .html.  If
the file contains PHP code, intended to be parsed, name it .php.  If
both, then both.

URLs, I would suggest not including any suffix.


Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm

Let's also consider some security issues...

It is never safe to reveal the technology behind the website; so, it is
safer not to show the .php extension (as well as .asp or .cfm etc...)
at all! mod_rewrite could help you.

Moreover, there are some mod_rewrite techniques that let you show the
.htm / .html extension instead of the .php / .asp etc.

Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm wrote:
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And security by obscurity is worse than no security at all - you think  
you have security but you don't.

If your site is secure, it doesn't matter what technology you use.  And  
if it's not secure, it doesn't matter how hard you try to obscure that fact.

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Re: File name: foo.php OR foo.htm

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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Yes, you're right. Of course there must be a robust and secure engine
behind, but...

Thanks to the hard work of php developers and sustainers, bugs in php
are found and solved quite daily; then, revealing the php technology
could be seriously dangerous if an attacker tries to deep scan (with
nmap, and similar tools) your host, allowing him to easily find which
php version the server is running and which attacks to use! Even if you
made a very robust and secure site...

IMHO, no one (except, of course ;P) should reveal the
technology behind; moreover, you should do everything you can not to
allow anyone to guess which technology you're using.


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