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I am trying to write a simple bot that will go to links in a sitemap.
I have all the parser stuff done and everything works perfectly, the
spider can visit the pages. It always stops the script dead in its
tracks when it tries visiting a page that isn't there (404 or some
other error response) or the page takes way to long.

How would I go about adding something that will automatically skip the
url if there is a problem with it (either error or timeout)?

I really appreciate the help!

Riley S.

Re: file_get_contents question

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Not sure what file_get_contents returns when it receives a 404 response, =
probably something like FALSE or NULL.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say "stops dead in its tracks"? =
the script freeze in an endless loop? Terminate with a PHP warning or err=

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Re: file_get_contents question


on 03/29/2009 02:38 AM said the following:
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I am not sure if it can be done with file_get_contents at all. You may
want to try this HTTP client instead that gives you full control of
timeouts and error handling.


Manuel Lemos

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