figure out members of an object?

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Say I am retrieving an object from a function...

The object really has no distinguishable type as far as my code can
tell (It's from a SOAP function, the objects returned do not have
different types).

 $client = new SoapClient("/geocoder.wsdl");

 // Retrieve the address coordinates
 $result = $client->geocode($address);

Now, there could be two "types" of objects returned, with two distinct
sets of members.

say one type has a member "prefix" and one has a member "prefix1"

my question is, how can I figure out which type the function has
returned?  I don't think I can do isset( ) to test if a member exists.

Re: figure out members of an object? wrote:
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Use get_object_vars() to obtain an associative array of defined object
properties for the returned object.  Alternetively, use get_class() to
see the type of the returned object.  For more information, see the


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