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I have an xls worksheet I wish to export as a text or csv file to import
with fgetcsv()

The 'save as' function on excell lets me save as a comma separated value or
tab delimited text files.
Trouble is, some of my cells already have commas in them, so a tab or
something else would be better.
In the delimiter option of fgcsv(), can you specify a tab and how?
My other option (but a bit of a chore) is to copy and paste the xls data
into word, then replace all the tabs with something like ; that dosn't
appear in the cells.


Re: fgetcsv delimiters

Stephen Preston wrote:
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So go ahead and do it; there shouldn't be any problems...

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Doesn't matter; Excel encloses fields with commas in them in double
duotes, like this:

A simple field,"A field with a comma (,) in it",Another simple field

fgetcsv() understands this as well...

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This is a matter of opinion... :)

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You can if you want to:

fgetcsv($handle, 10240, "\t");

Note that since a custom delimiter is the third argument, the second
argument (the maximum length of a CSV string) must be specified...

For more information, see documentation on fgetcsv():



Re: fgetcsv delimiters

Stephen Preston:

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  No, that doesn't follow.  You can hide your delimiter (commas by
default) by double quoting them (double quotes by default, but any
character you set the fourth argument to).

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  \t or however you insert tabs (got a tab key?).

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  Well, I was about to say that TSV has the advantage that it boasts
its own registered MIME type, text/tab-separated-values; but lo and
behold text/csv was registered in October 2005.



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