Fetch array, display and update, all in one.. ?

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Hi All,

I have designed a debit-system database with a PHP frontend. The amounts
need to be updated on a monthly basis. now i have 10 clients in the system.
i can get all the fields and display them, but next to that, i need to
insert a field where we can enter an amount per client and after all the new
amounts have been filled in, i need to update the database with those
amounts entered.

I know that by using html forms to enter the info, i can submit the info and
do a update statement but the problem is, is that i need to dynamically add
the field to update the amount according to the amount of results resturned
from the database...

Hope you guys understand what i mean here... !


Re: Fetch array, display and update, all in one.. ?

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If by "amount of results" you are refering to a row count, you could try:

mysql_num_rows() ?

If you mean a sum, you might be able to do something like:

SELECT SUM(field) FROM tbl ...

I'm not quite sure I understand the problem.


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