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I have problem with binding on active directory from php (fedora4

There is 2 machines. On one machine is w2003 with succesfully
installed AD. The other machine is Fedora4 with out-of-the-box
installed Apache, php and mysql. In php.ini is loaded module for ldap.
The goal is to query AD from php to check username and password.

This is code:
// ------------
$ldap_server = "ldap://";
$auth_user = "Administrator";
$auth_pass = "password";

if (!($connect=@ldap_connect($ldap_server))) {
    die ("unable to connect");

if (!($bind=@ldap_bind($connect, $auth_user, $auth_pass))) {
    die("unable to bind");
// -------------

Code die at binding.
Is there something i am doing wrong? Or is it something more to config

Thank you and sorry for the long post!
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