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  Any suggestions for shipping rate php code for FEDEX?

I've previously done UPS and USPS and found them to be no joy,
particularly USPS.

Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated. At the moment the
FedEx API looks like a convoluted mess...


Re: FEDEX Shipping

On Sun, 30 Sep 2012 12:35:48 -0400, j wrote:
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Lookup table with enough padding in the figures to justify the
occasional miscalculation is the usual way things are handled.

A *huge* proportion of people cannot make *correct and accurate*
generalisations of principles.  They have to learn everything as if
it's an unrelated piece of crap, BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID! PEOPLE ARE
STUPID!  -- Thorfinn in the Monastery

Re: FEDEX Shipping

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Be careful with UPS -- they still haven't fixed a long-standing bug with zip
code validation
(or, more correctly, with their complete *failure* to validate zip codes).

Specifically, UPS will accept any string of *four* numbers as a zip code, as
long as the first
*three* correspond with a valid zip code *somewhere*, and provide a rate quote
based on

However, the rate quotes they provide might as well be random numbers. Suppose
customer mistakenly enters 8072 as the ZIP code. Did he mean 80072, or 80772, or
or 08072? There's no way to know. Yet instead of rejecting the rate request,
they return a
rate quote, which is almost surely incorrect.

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