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I recently downloaded and installed atom photoblog  and its working
great but I noticed its missing some cool features that I would like
to see if I can incorporate somehow
Here is a list of things the software is missing and I would like to
see if possible for me to get some help on these aspects.
If you can help in one of them only... that's cool

·         I would like for the user to be required to insert their
email addresses prior to posting a comment.

·         If possible to be able to have the flexibility of posting
more than one image at once.

·         It would be so cool if I could get emails notification sent
to my email address after someone pots a comment for more immediate

·         I also notice that there is no recollection about how many
comments have been posted since day one, it would be nice to see
somewhere in the admin interface at least how many comments have bee
added, just to keep track much like the clicks feature that tells you
how many clicks an post has. - but not visual to the public.

·         Creating a new section on the fly... that would be really
good, I had to modify the html (which I know its bad practice) to be
able to add a title and two links to an about page and a links page.

Know this is a lot but I am very limited on ph ping general and would
love if someone would help out on this.

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